OK, I’ve already tried to do two posts and both have been lost because of a terrible web-based editor on WordPress. So now I’m going to post about WordPress, because you can always metablog about blogging.

From the “New Post” header at the top of the WordPress site the editor seems to be wretched and lacking support for autosaved drafts, both things I despise. Same if you “Pop Out” the “New Post” window, though it looks like it might be slightly less wretched if only because it exists in its own floating window.

However, from the UserName [Hover] Blog [Hover] Add New link there appears to be more features and notably I see an “autosaving drafts” feature. Which is good because, you know, some people might not like to lose their work all the time.

Oh, WHY GOD WHY does Google Chrome think that it would be logical if the backspace key functioned as a Back Button when there are editable text fields all over the screen that I’ve like, you know…been typing in?

Terrible. Oh well, guess I finally have a need to use Safari. I think I have found out The Right Way to blog on WordPress.

Next time I will see if I can figure out how to post code in a WordPress blog.


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