“Why Record iPhone Sales Might be Rotten for Apple”

Why Record iPhone Sales Might be Rotten for Apple

But the reason I am voicing a bit of doubt is that it seems like Apple is now trying to squeeze every last bit of profit it can out of an aging, shall we call it, iStone. […]

Steve Jobs wouldn’t have been satisfied to only pocket billions upon billions on tweaked products alone.

I often question the reasons I’ve bought AAPL and whether it’s still a good investment. As long as jackasses like this are the norm for articles about Apple, I feel pretty good.

No matter whether they have good sales or bad sales, it’s still bad news.

No matter whether a product is new or old, it’s still cliché.

No matter whether they have the world’s fastest mobile processor and the world’s best fingerprint scanner and the first implementation of 64 bit ARMv8, it’s still incremental.

No matter the facts, the narrative does not change.

Hasn’t Apple seen how the competition makes fun of these events in commercials?

This writer thinks it hurts Tim Cook’s feelings when people make fun of Apple. There seems to be no end to this parade of infantile punditry.

And this is just bad on a bunch of levels. Squeeze profit out of an aging iStone? Holy mixed metaphors!

Inquiring minds want to know, Dear author. Do young rocks contain more or less profit than old rocks? Maybe tell us in your next article.


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