How BlackBerry Blew It

Good article from The Globe and Mail.

The most important decision they made was firing the two guys in charge who understood the brand, then pursuing some half-cocked strategy of copying everybody else with a touchscreen-only device while not adopting a popular platform (android). Given that they desperately needed a new modern OS, it’s hard to see why they never tried to adopt and reskin Android.

Of course they could have stuck it out with the BB-keyboard style devices. That would at least have made to their current customers, but instead they delayed their keyboard devices and showed up with an out-of-date touchscreen keyboard two years late.

The article is a good one and it illustrates a lot of failures that happened along the way for Blackberry. It wasn’t just one screw up; it was dozens over a period of six years. But one common thread is that BlackBerry took forever to make decisions, literally years in some cases. The end result is shockingly inexcusable: a total failure to execute. 

Discussions among the senior leaders in Mr. Lazaridis’ organization dragged on for a year – far too long, according to several insiders.


Finally, close to six years after Apple unveiled the iPhone, the long-awaited BlackBerry 10 made its debut at a glitzy launch event in January




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